First Peoples' Businesses to Support this National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week

A great way to celebrate National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week is to support First Peoples owned businesses. So we asked you on social media to let us know some of your favourite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses, and here is what you said:


Ilan Style Logo

Ilan Style - Dedicated to creating high-quality native Australian wellness products, which are friendlier to people and the environment. At Ilan Style, we are 100% Torres Strait Islander woman owned and our aim is to uplift, honour and celebrate Torres Strait Islander languages and culture.


Haus of Dizzy Logo

Haus of Dizzy - At the helm of Haus of Dizzy, proud Wiradjuri woman Kristy Dickinson creates bold, playful, statement-making jewellery that celebrates and honours Indigenous culture—imbuing a sense of empowerment and joy within everybody who wears it.


Ange Jeffery Logo

Ange Jeffery - Ange Jeffery is a Wiradjuri artist who grew up on Country in central west NSW, with Wambuul (Macquarie River) having a lasting influence and inspiration in her art practice. She is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in jewellery and body adornment.


First 1000 Days Australia Logo

First 1000 Days Australia - First 1000 Days Australia is a First Nations model aimed at strengthening all families so they can give their children the best start in life. They work with Elders, researchers, community members, front-line workers, policy makers and early childhood program developers to provide coordinated, comprehensive, culturally informed interventions to support families in identifying and meeting their own aspirations and those they have for their children.


Kykoe Logo

Kykoe - KYKOE is an Indigenous owned and operated business, built on the artistic and creative expression of founder, Tishara Garrett, a contemporary Aboriginal and Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait) artist and creative.


Clothing The Gaps logo

Clothing The Gaps - Clothing The Gaps is a fresh and dynamic Community brand managed by health professionals that celebrates Aboriginal people and culture. 



Mabu Mabu logo

Mabu Mabu - Nornie Bero established Mabu Mabu in 2018 with a dream to make native ingredients the hero of the Australian kitchen. She started by selling a range of homemade condiments and spices at South Melbourne Markets and since then, our company is now home to over 80 employees across three departments; retail, catering and dining.


Murran logo

Murran Hub - Murran is Geelong's newest innovation space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, creatives and individuals to access and thrive. Murran consists of a retail store, gallery, cafe, co-working space, meeting rooms and conference rooms.


Chocolate on Purpose logo

Chocolate On Purpose - Chocolate On Purpose is a 100% Indigenous owned business born on Wiradyuri Country at the source of the Bila Bula (Belubula River), in Millthorpe on the Central Tablelands of NSW. Their signature range of chocolate is called 'Bush Food Chocolate', created by combining melt in the mouth couverture chocolate with Australian native botanicals growing on Country.


Wayapa Wuurrk logo

Wayapa Wuurrk - Wayapa Wuurrk means “Connect to the Earth” in the language of the Maara & Gunaikurnai Peoples respectively. Wayapa was created to change thinking around how we view the idea of what it means to be well with a focus on Indigenous thinking that includes learning how to develop a relationship with our environment through the concept of ancient earth mindfulness.


Our Songlines Logo

Our Songlines - Our Songlines focuses on mindful activities that encourage cultural learnings in safe creative ways. They connect with their ancestor knowledge and provide activities based on existing knowledge, age, gender and interests.


Kinya Lerrk Logo

Kinya Lerrk - KINYA LERRK (Wemba Wemba for ‘women coming together’) focuses on using design and art to make homes and offices come alive with colourful designs which celebrate Aboriginal culture and respectfully acknowledge traditional owners of land.  


Printing with Purpose logo
Printing With Purpose - Printing with Purpose (PWP) is an Aboriginal Female owned and managed printing manufacturing firm, formed as a 100% Aboriginal Social enterprise, whose staff have over 30 years combined experience offering printing services for a wide range of print, design and communication media.


Yarli Creative - Through her work, Madison Connors aim to embody the full essence of her heritage and make her mob proud. Whether it's through artistic expressions or meaningful achievements, she is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact and contributing to the empowerment of her community.


Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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