Whether you are just popping in, or staying here a while, you are welcomed to our table, come in and we'll share a cup of tea. We are grateful you have joined us on the Ilan Style journey!

Kerry Arabena

Who we are

Maiem (Welcome) to Ilan Style – A chance to slow down and engage with the vibrancy of nature in the tropics, 'island style'. Our founder is Professor Kerry Arabena, a proud Meriam woman whose ancestral connection to the Torres Strait lies deep in the rich, fertile volcanic soil of Mer Island, one of the 274 beautiful islands in that incredible archipelago off the tip of Cape York. Kerry is a compassionate leader and role model, a mother, grandmother, Aunty, and friend who is devoted to social justice, transformation, sustainability and education.

With a PhD in Human Ecology, Kerry was formerly the Chair of Indigenous Health at the University of Melbourne. At Ilan Style, she is ably supported by a team that cares deeply about health – both of people and of our environment. Our talented team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals is based across Australia and overseas, and includes a naturopath product developer and conservationist, marketers, operations experts, and a sustainability manager. We believe that we can all make a positive impact when we remain kind, generous in spirit and dedicated to our goals.

Our proceeds contribute to Indigenous scholarship and the revitalisation of the critically endangered Indigenous language. This is important to us, because for Indigenous peoples connection to language means ongoing connection to family, to place and to Ancestors. And cultural strength is a powerful determinant of health and wellbeing for Indigenous peoples.

What we do

At Ilan Style, we are driven by Kerry's entrepreneurial vision to create premium and healthy Australian native products that support the wellbeing of people, the planet, and Indigenous culture. Our aim is to provide you with a holistic wellbeing experience through our range of meticulously crafted products.

Each of our tea blends is naturopathically formulated and includes lovingly-curated Australian native botanical ingredients. But we go beyond that. Our teas look and smell beautiful, and we infuse them with affirmations of gratitude, purpose, kindness, presence, and wonder - ensuring that every sip is a moment of positivity and mindfulness.

To complement our tea range, we offer a variety of thoughtful products. Explore our affirmation cards and unique upcycled card holders, designed to inspire and uplift. Discover the charm of our Dugong Dance tea towels, adding a touch of joy to your world. And for those looking for the perfect gift, our delightful gift bundles are designed to bring happiness to your loved ones, and convenience to you. We can even include a handwritten card with your words, adding a personal touch that will be cherished.

At Ilan Style, we are committed to environmental sustainability. That's why our products are responsibly packaged with reusable, recycled and recyclable materials. We also refuse single-use plastics and offer carbon-neutral delivery, ensuring that your experience is not only better for you but also for the planet.

Join with us together on a wellbeing journey, which celebrates and embraces kindness and positivity, as we care for each other and our beautiful world.