Our Values

Products for Wellbeing

At Ilan Style we believe in a progressive future where products do more. Our products not only offer wellbeing for your body, but also invite you to nourish your mind and soul.

Respect for Country

At Ilan Style, the environment and our conservation of it are paramount. Our products are free from single-use plastics, which harm wildlife and destroy ecosystems, and we use minimal packaging always with reusability in mind. Because when we take care of Country, Country will take care of us.

Care for Communities 

Ilan Style is a 100% Torres Strait Islander woman-owned, profit-for-purpose business. We support other First Nations businesses, and engage in philanthropic activities that promote Indigenous scholarship and language revitalisation programs.

Walking Together

The Ilan Style team is dedicated to upholding the values of kindness, compassion and the ancient wisdom of reciprocity, in which everyone is respected and has something valuable to share. We invite you to walk gently with us – First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples together as friends and allies – and join us in celebrating our vibrant Torres Strait Islander culture.