The Ilan Style Fellowship - A Partnership with AIATSIS

Ilan Style has proudly collaborated with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) in Canberra for the Ilan Style Fellowship. The Fellowship offers the opportunity for a Torres Strait Islander to undertake a language revitalisation project at AIATSIS. This visionary initiative is poised to enrich the lives of emerging Torres Strait Islander scholars, their families, and communities.

Giving Back and Paying it Forward - Kerry Arabena's AIATSIS Journey

Guided by the vision of Professor Kerry Arabena, a Torres Strait Islander woman and Founder of Ilan Style, this collaboration holds profound meaning. Kerry's unique perspective as a past AIATSIS Fellow infuses the Ilan Style and AIATSIS partnership with authenticity and a personal connection. Her own journey began from countless hours in the AIATSIS library, which led her into academia, then successful business ownership and entrepreneurship - with many milestones along the way! This story exemplifies the profound impact and ripple-effect of fostering scholarship. And now Kerry is giving back to other students, to create her legacy as a proud benefactor.

About the Ilan Style Fellowship

The Ilan Style Fellowship is poised to empower Torres Strait Islander scholars, students, and community members contributing to language revitalisation, and fostering a new generation of cultural heritage custodians.

Benefits of the Fellowship include:

  • Financial support for travel, accommodation and living expenses.
  • Access to AIATSIS facilities, including workstations, ICT and corporate services support.
  • Assistance from AIATSIS Access and Family History unit in identifying and accessing relevant collection materials.
  • Sponsored attendance at the AIATSIS Summit.

Read more about the Ilan Style Fellowship here.

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Ilan Style Fellowship 2024 are now closed.


Who can apply?

To apply for the Ilan Style Fellowship, interested individuals must meet the following eligibility criteria: be a Torres Strait Islander student, researcher, or community member; apply as an individual (joint applications will not be considered); be over 18 years of age; and provide consent for AIATSIS and Ilan Style to distribute the finished project material.

How do you choose the recipient?

A majority selection panel of Torres Strait Islanders will select the Ilan Style Fellow 2024. A rating scale is used to rate applications against each of the selection criteria.

What does this have to do with Ilan Style's tea and wellness products?

Profits from every sale go towards the Ilan Style Fellowship. Ilan Style is built on our founder Kerry Arabena's pride in sharing her Torres Strait Islander heritage with the world. As language is an essential part of Culture, anything we can do to get Torres Strait Islander languages off the endangered lists we will!

How can I support the Ilan Style Fellowship?

The Fellowship is built on Ilan Style's profits, so keep up the good work of buying our native Australian herbal teas and products and know that you are having a cuppa for a cause!

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