'In the Torres Strait Islands, my ancestral home, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and ocean plastics are threatening our land and sea Country. This is jeopardising our beautiful vibrant culture, our homes, our place and our very existence.' Kerry Arabena – Ilan Style Founder

How we support sustainability at Ilan Style

  • Promoting cultural and environmental resilience

    We are living in a time where it is increasingly urgent to respect the importance of cultural and environmental resilience and sustainability. Ilan Style’s founder is both a proud Indigenous woman and an environmental scientist, and our team boasts Indigenous and non-Indigenous conservationists and a naturopath developer. We have a philosophy that everyone is indigenous to the universe, a topic on which Kerry has written widely.

  • The cultural importance of language

    Indigenous languages are an incredibly valuable part of the cultural heritage of communities around the world, and especially in Australia, where the oldest living cultures on the planet exist today. Languages form the unbroken cultural link, an oral history that passes from the beginning of time to the present day.

  • Cultural sustainability

    At Ilan Style, we are a 100% Indigenous-owned, profit-for-purpose business. We support other Indigenous businesses and and engage in philanthropic activities in Indigenous scholarship and language revitalisation.

  • Environmental sustainability

    Caring for Country is one of the core values of our Ilan Style brand.


We are just setting out on our journey with Ilan Style, and we acknowledge that it is not possible to be perfect in every respect. As such, we are not yet eligible to become B Corp Certified, but we hope to arrive there soon! And although our product design and packaging is relatively more expensive, this is because it is our responsibility to stand behind our values with honesty, transparency and consistency.

'Every decision we make for Ilan Style has our customer’s personal wellbeing, along with cultural and environmental sustainability, at the forefront. We won't compromise because we want to ensure that our legacy is a bright, safe, equitable and prosperous future for all.' Natalie Wood – Naturopath and Product Developer