Cultural sustainability

At Ilan Style, we are a 100% Indigenous-owned, profit-for-purpose business. We support other Indigenous businesses and and engage in philanthropic activities in Indigenous scholarship and language revitalisation.

    • Ilan Style operates under Weyarn Pty Ltd, which is a Supply Nation certified business. This means we are independently vetted to ensure we are (and remain) genuinely Indigenous owned and operated. Our founder Professor Kerry Arabena is a proud Meriam woman whose ancestral home is the Torres Strait Island of Mer (also called Murray Island).
    • At Ilan Style, we strongly believe in supporting other Indigenous businesses, both within our supply chain and beyond. We are proud to be a part of a larger network of Indigenous businesses that are contributing to the growth and resilience of our communities. We recognise the hard work and dedication of these businesses and their owners and are committed to supporting an environment in which we can thrive.
    • Ilan Style proceeds support Indigenous scholarship and the revitalisation of critically endangered Indigenous language. In her other businesses, Kerry has delivered more than 30 pro bono projects, sponsored participants in professional development and used $150,000+ as profit for purpose, going back to the efforts of organisations whose purpose and goals align with her values. We are continuing this with Ilan Style and will openly and transparently communicate our investments and impacts.