What does Ilan Style mean?

Ilan Style (pronounced eye-lan) means "Island Style" - the way we do things in the Torres Strait Islands. Ilan Style is an inclusive celebration of Torres Strait Islander culture, everyone is invited.

What does Know. Be. Do mean?

Everyone and everything has value and we are deeply connected. know. be. do. means sharing, generosity of spirit, kindness and respect for people, families, communities, animals and plants of the land and sea, the planet, our sky and our Ancestors. We exist to care for all things, because when we look after Country, it will look after us.

Is Ilan Style genuinely Indigenous owned?

Yes! Ilan Style was founded and is owned by Kerry Arabena, a proud Meriam woman from the Mer Island (sometimes referred to as Murray Island) in the Torres Strait. Our business is Supply Nation Certified and Kinaway Certified. This means the business is vetted independently to ensure they are (and always remain) Indigenous owned and operated.

Are Ilan Style products Ally friendly?

Yes! All our products are Ally friendly. We invite you to walk gently with us – First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples together as friends and allies – and join us in celebrating our vibrant Torres Strait Islander culture.

What is the Ilan Style Fellowship?

Profits from every sale go towards the Ilan Style Fellowship. The Fellowship offers the opportunity for a Torres Strait Islander to undertake a language revitalisation project at AIATSIS. Ilan Style is built on our founder Kerry Arabena's pride in sharing her Torres Strait Islander heritage with the world. As language is an essential part of Culture, anything we can do to get Torres Strait Islander languages off the endangered lists we will!

Are all the ingredients in Ilan Style tea native to Australia?

All our products hero native ingredients, and we blend these with sustainably-sourced non-native ingredients. This combination represents the historic trade routes through the Torres Strait Islands. Ilan Style brand endeavours to reawaken those ancient trade routes, and showcase a selection of the best native and non-native ingredients through our products.

How sustainable is Ilan Style?

We have a strict no-single use plastic policy for our products. Our aluminium tea tins and lids are recyclable, or you can choose to reuse them! Even the plastic inner bag is made from certified home-compostable NatureFlex material. We source our materials from like-minded sustainable businesses, printing our cards on recycled paper and avoiding unnecessary packaging. We even ship our products in recyclable and/or compostable packaging with compostable labels! Ilan Style is a member of APCO (the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) to ensure we do everything possible to achieve sustainable and recyclable packaging, with full accountability.

Are Ilan Style teas best enjoyed hot or iced?

You can enjoy all our teas hot or cold. For the perfect iced tea just make a slightly stronger brew and add ice!

Are the Ilan Style teas gluten free, dairy free, and vegan?

Yes, all our teas are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan. We recommend taking care if you are hyper-sensitive to allergens. Ilan Style teas are packed in a facility which also processes ingredients containing gluten, dairy and tree nuts.

Do Ilan Style teas contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or sugars?

No. Our teas are naturopathically formulated from natural ingredients and have no added sugars.

Are Ilan Style teas certified organic?

No. You will notice our tea blends have multiple ingredients and most (but not all) are organically produced.