Our Teas

  • Ilan Presence - Native Mint

    What kind of tea would remind us of serene tropical ocean breezes, or relaxing on a hammock under trees by the azure coloured water, or lazing around contentedly with a full belly after a delicious tropical meal with friends? Ahhh. transport me to Mer Island paradise, where you can hear the sound of the Great Barrier Reef. That was our design thinking for Ilan Presence.

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  • Ilan Wonder - Cacoa Licorice

    Ever looked up at the night sky on a clear night and felt a sense of humility and wonder? Or listened to the sounds of nature on a still night and felt connected to earth's story? We think this magical experience is complemented beautifully with a steaming cup of herbal tea to help you reconnect and sleep sound.

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Australian native bush foods have been thoughtfully cultivated by the Indigenous peoples of this Australian land for millennia, and we honour and respect them and their ongoing connection to Country. At Ilan Style, we take care to ensure the materials in our supply chain – from the Australian native ingredients through to the packaging and transport – support the sustainability of Indigenous cultural ways of Knowing, Being and Doing. 

Ilan Style tea is a unique fusion of blending art, naturopathic science and ancient wisdom. Each herbal tea blend was first formulated by our in-house naturopath using organic Australian native bush foods and botanical ingredients – without adding artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, sugars and common allergens. These raw herbal formulations were then finessed by world-class tea masters, so you can enjoy Ilan Style tea while supporting your own wellbeing and treading lightly on Country. 

‘When you hold our tea in your hands, you place meaningful change in ours. Our tea is symbolic of reciprocity in action. Au esuau – a big thank you.’ Kerry xx