Environmental sustainability

Caring for Country is one of the core values of our Ilan Style brand.

    • Ilan Style has voluntarily joined APCO, the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, which is unusual for a self-funded start up. It means we voluntarily jumped some big hurdles to ensure our packaging is designed for the best recyclability! We nailed it by the way - our tins are 100% reusable and recyclable, our labels are printed on recycled paper, and the film keeping Ilan Style tea fresh is Natureflex compostible. We remain committed to responsible packaging and eradicating single-use plastics.
    • Our partner of choice for delivery is Sendle, a B-Corp certified business that shares our environmental values and offers 100% carbon-neutral delivery.
    • Many of our Indigenous ingredients are wild harvested or cultivated on Country. Australian native bushfoods are perfectly adapted to the growing conditions in their local environment – meaning they require less water, or chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides - making these ingredients better for you, and the environment!