From the Archives: Kerry Arabena's AIATSIS Journey

Kerry Arabena's AIATSIS Journey

Setting up the Ilan Style Fellowship in partnership with AIATSIS has caused us to reflect on our founder Kerry Arabena's own journey at AIATSIS back in 2006. What did she get up to while she was there? Come with us on a deep dive into the AIATSIS July 2006 newsletter to find out...

Celebrating Torres Strait Islander Heritage: Mabo Day

Kerry's time at AIATSIS allowed her to showcase her Meriam heritage through dance at the 14th anniversary of the historic Mabo decision. 

Want to know what else was going on in 2006? Read the full AIATSIS Newsletter here.



Speaking at Research Seminars

During her time at AIATSIS, Kerry also had the opportunity to speak at the 'Through their eyes: Helping people see what they want to see. Images of self and others, and looking into the future' research seminar. 

Want to know what else was going on in 2006? Read the full AIATSIS Newsletter here.


Presenting at the Australian Readers Challenge Launch

The Australian Readers Challenge launched to encourage kids to read more books, and raise funds to improve literacy in remote First Nations communities. Kerry was able to share her own stories at the ACT launch of this initiative, hosted by the Aboriginal Studies Press. 

Want to know what else was going on in 2006? Read the full AIATSIS Newsletter here.

Create your own AIATSIS journey with Ilan Style Fellowship

The opportunities Kerry got at AIATSIS have paved the foundation for her research and entrepreneurship, and strengthened her passion for language and culture revitalisation. So she established the Ilan Style Fellowship to foster the next generation of Torres Strait Islander talent. The Fellowship provides a Torres Strait Islander with the opportunity to undertake a language revitalisation project at AIATSIS.

The recipient will be able to create their own AIATSIS journey, having access to the resources and opportunities that AIATSIS provides, all while meaningfully contributing to the revitalisation of Torres Strait Islander languages. 

It provides a platform for Torres Strait Islander language speakers and language champions to collaborate, share knowledge, and develop innovative strategies for language revitalisation. Through the Ilan Style Fellowship, Kerry Arabena continues to make a lasting impact on Indigenous language revitalisation efforts.

Learn more about the Ilan Style Fellowship and apply today.

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