Ilan Style Joins other Global Sisters in a Movement to support Women’s entrepreneurship

Ilan Style Joins Global Sisters: A Partnership for Empowerment and Growth

Ilan Style is more than just a brand; it's a statement, a belief in empowerment, creativity, and community. And in our continuous quest to make a difference, we are incredibly excited to announce our latest partnership with Global Sisters Marketplace, a dynamic non-profit organisation that represents the first-ever platform of its kind, formed and run entirely by women.

Why Global Sisters Marketplace?

Global Sisters Marketplace is not just a marketplace; it's a movement that has been redefining entrepreneurship for women across Australia. With a roster of around 400 women running micro-businesses, Global Sisters fosters innovation, collaboration, and financial independence. This remarkable initiative helps to lower the 437,000 women receiving government pensions and replaces it with an opportunity to earn, learn, and grow.

Our Shared Values

At Ilan Style, we've always believed in the power of unity, quality, and ethical business practices. By joining Global Sisters Marketplace, we find ourselves aligned with an organisation that emphasises local craftsmanship, ethical production, and positive social impact. This synergy not only enhances our brand's outreach but also resonates with our core principles of contributing positively to society.

The Impact of #BackHerBrilliance

The mantra of Global Sisters, #BackHerBrilliance, is more than just a hashtag; it's a call to action for all Australians to support women-owned businesses. By browsing the Marketplace and purchasing products, consumers are directly influencing the lives of women entrepreneurs, enabling them to reduce or even eliminate their dependency on government assistance.

According to a recent survey by Global Sisters, 72% of women reported earning an average business income of $1162 per month after six months or more with the non-profit. These numbers are not just statistics; they are proof of resilience, growth, and the triumph of women in business.


Shopping with Purpose

With Christmas on the horizon, the Global Sisters Marketplace presents an opportunity for consumers to make choices that matter. From over 4000 products handcrafted by women, every purchase adheres to ethical principles that benefit not just the local community but the environment, people, and animals as well.
Our collection at Ilan Style echoes this commitment to quality and ethical production. Every product you choose is a step towards backing brilliance and creating a beneficial ripple effect throughout communities.

A Call to Action

Join us in celebrating this new chapter as Ilan Style becomes a part of the Global Sisters family. Together, we can create a future where women are not just part of the business landscape but leaders and changemakers in their own right.

Browse our exclusive collection at Global Sisters Marketplace and make a choice that uplifts, empowers, and inspires. Let's shop with our hearts this season and truly #GiftHerBrilliance.

Ilan Style's partnership with Global Sisters is not just a collaboration; it's a commitment to a brighter, more equitable future. It's about taking small steps that lead to substantial change, not only in the lives of the women involved but in the very fabric of our society. Join us, support us, and be part of this beautiful journey.

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