Ilan Style: Making Waves in Sustainability by Eradicating Single-Use Plastics

In our world today, the profound footprint of plastic waste in our oceans is a distressing reality. Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic find their way into the marine environment, threatening marine life, contaminating our food chains, and posing significant risks to ecosystems. As a 100% Torres Strait Islander woman-owned brand, Ilan Style recognises the urgency of this global issue and the responsibility we bear towards our planet and future generations.

Our commitment to eradicating single-use plastics from our entire supply chain is not merely an operational decision – it is a fundamental principle that reflects our core values of environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

As an Indigenous-owned business, our ethos is deeply rooted in respect for the land and waters that have sustained our communities for millennia. We understand that our survival and prosperity are intrinsically linked to the health of our environment.

When we say we care for Country, it means that from the sourcing of our native botanical ingredients, to the delivery of our naturopathically formulated teas - every aspect of our operation minimises harm to the environment. We also meticulously examine each link in our supply chain to identify and eliminate dependence on single-use plastics.

This audacious commitment goes beyond just reducing our environmental footprint. It is about leading by example, influencing our peers, and inspiring our customers to embrace more sustainable practices. It's a testament to our belief that businesses can, and should, be a powerful force for environmental conservation.

Eradicating single-use plastics also strengthens our relationship with the ocean, a bond held sacred by the Torres Strait Islander community. We believe in safeguarding the health of our seas not only for the marine life it supports but for the cultural, spiritual, and economic significance it holds for Indigenous communities.

The pride we take in this achievement is immense, but it's not the end of the journey. It's a crucial step in our broader vision of creating a business that harmoniously co-exists with nature. It's about nurturing a brand that respects its roots, cherishes its connection with the environment, and continuously evolves to safeguard our planet.

In declaring Ilan Style a single-use plastic-free brand, we invite you to be a part of a more sustainable, respectful, and harmonious relationship with our planet. As you enjoy the calming and healing power of our teas, know that each sip is also a tribute to our shared commitment to a healthier planet.

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