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Ilan Style Affirmation Cards & Upcycled Card Holder Bundle

Ilan Style Affirmation Cards & Upcycled Card Holder Bundle

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Donna Semple
Ilan Style Affirmation Cards & Upcycled Card Holder Bundle?

Love the little stand, this was a gift for someone but it looks like I'll be getting one for myself.

A beautiful and unique gift for yourself or someone you care about. 

Ilan Style Affirmation Cards are written from our heart to share with yours. A daily reminder to affirm yourself, and to promote harmony and tranquillity in a busy, sometimes overwhelming, world. Ilan Style Affirmation cards feature the beautiful Torres Strait Islander artwork of Kayla Arabena-Byrnes, and the words were lovingly written by Ilan Style Founder,  Kerry Arabena. The cards are centred around 5 themes of:

  • Gratitude
  • Purpose
  • Kindness
  • Presence
  • Wonder 

Use Ilan Style Affirmation Cards to set your intentions, nourish yourself or someone you care about and savour the moment - Ilan Style. 

  • 50 Affirmation Cards written by Kerry Arabena 
  • Artwork by Kayla Arabena-Byrnes  
  • Made in Australia
  • Printed on Recycled Paper
  • Free from Single-Use Plastics 

Plus, keep your daily affirmation on display with an Ilan Style Upcycled Affirmation Card Holder. Beautifully, handmade and lovingly crafted from natural Eucalyptus timber which has fallen on our property. 

  • Handmade in Australia 
  • Each Holder is lovingly crafted to retain the rustic character of the timber 
  • Each Holder is distinct 
  • Upcycled from natural eucalyptus timber

Paying it forward

Every purchase goes towards Torres Strait Islander language revitalisation with the Ilan Style Fellowship.

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