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Overturning Terra Nullius - Ilan Style x Haus of Dizzy Collaboration

Overturning Terra Nullius - Ilan Style x Haus of Dizzy Collaboration

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Celebrate Mabo Day with this extra special collaboration with the queen of bling herself: Haus of Dizzy!

When England colonised Australia, they declared the land as terra nullius, or land belonging to no one. It took until 1992 for this to be overturned, by Torres Strait Islander Eddie Mabo in the Mabo v Queensland decision. This has paved the way for First Nations Land Rights across Australia.

Commemorate this landmark case with these fabulous earrings. By wearing them you show your commitment to Indigenous rights, and your acknowledgement of the tens of thousands of years of history of First Nations peoples on this land.

Earrings designed by Haus of Dizzy. Featuring artwork by Torres Strait Islander artist Kayla Rae Arabena.

  • Ally friendly
  • Black with white and red detailing
  • 50mm x 50mm
  • Studs are made with a titanium post, stainless steel pad with a hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant comfort clutch


About Mabo Day:

Mabo Day is celebrated annually on June 3rd to commemorate the legacy of Torres Strait Islander Eddie Mabo and the landmark High Court decision. This 1992 decision recognised the existence of Native Title rights for First Nations Australians, acknowledging their ongoing connection to the land and their rights to Traditional Ownership. It was a significant step towards reconciliation and the recognition of Indigenous rights in Australia.

By coming together to commemorate Mabo Day, Australians can embrace their shared history and work towards a future where everyone is treated with respect and equality.


About Haus of Dizzy:

At the helm of Haus of Dizzy, proud Wiradjuri woman Kristy Dickinson creates bold, playful, statement-making jewellery that celebrates and honours Indigenous culture—imbuing a sense of empowerment and joy within everybody who wears it. Often featuring powerful political and social messages, each Haus of Dizzy piece is designed, laser-cur, hand-painted and assembled in the company's studio, located in Fitzroy. 

Paying it forward

Every purchase goes towards Torres Strait Islander language revitalisation with the Ilan Style Fellowship.

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