Festive Finds: Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones


As we approach the festive season, our hearts are filled with the spirit of giving. This Christmas, let your gifts not only bring joy to your loved ones but also contribute to a meaningful cause. We're excited to present a selection of sustainable and plastic-free gift ideas, where every purchase supports Torres Strait Islander Language revitalisation.


For your Kris Kringle

Au Esuau Gift Bundle 2

Treat your Kris Kringle to a delightful bundle featuring a native Australian tea of their choice, a tea infuser, a stylish Dugong Dance tea towel in either black or white, and a heartfelt thank-you card adorned with Torres Strait Islander art. It's a thoughtful and sustainable way to spread festive cheer.

For someone special

Kulkul Star Box

The Kulkul Star Box is a curated collection of love and care. It includes all five of our Native Australian herbal teas, a tea infuser, a Dugong Dance tea towel, affirmation cards, a card holder, and a greeting card with a personalised message. A truly special and comprehensive gift for someone you cherish.

For someone who could use a self-care moment

Au Esuau Gift Bundle 1

Pamper the self-care enthusiast in your life with a bundle that includes a native tea of their choosing, a set of Affirmation Cards and Upcycled Card Holder for daily inspiration, and a thank-you card showcasing beautiful Torres Strait Islander art. A perfect gift to encourage relaxation and self-love.

For the tea lover in your life

Singing Mother Dugong Native Tea Gift Bundle

Elevate the tea-drinking experience for the tea lover with a bundle comprising all five of our native Australian teas, a tea infuser, and a greeting card with a personalised message. The perfect gift for a cosy and sustainable tea time.

For everyone on your Christmas card list

Ilan Style Art Series Greeting Card Bundle

Send warm wishes to your Christmas card list with bundles of Ilan Style art series greeting cards featuring stunning artwork by Torres Strait Islander woman Kayla Rae Arabena. Not only are these cards a festive delight, but they also support a great cause.

Remember, every purchase from our collection contributes to the important cause of Torres Strait Islander Language revitalisation. May your Christmas be filled with love, warmth, and the joy of giving.

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