Health benefits of drinking herbal tea

Drinking herbal tea is a timeless ritual that can help us to slow down, relax and be more present in that precious moment. Herbal teas (or tisanes) are also medicines that have been used traditionally by peoples of many cultures, all over the world for thousands of years. Modern science is helping to unpack the benefits of tea; we are discovering how essential nutrients in plants can boost our physical and mental health. Whether we are sipping a cup of chamomile or cacao to help us wind down after a long day, enjoying an infusion of lemon and ginger to help us feel energised, or taking time to chat with loved ones over a cuppa - drinking herbal tea is an age-old, universal and powerful way to reconnect with what’s important, plus care for our body, mind, and soul.

  • Australian Native Teas

    Aside from being nutrient powerhouses, many Australian native bushfoods are truly unique and they offer a plethora of exciting new flavours and rich aromas. The native tea drinking experience is truly immersive and delightful for the senses - it's definitely worth exploring!  (READ MORE - link through) 

    We are pretty familiar with eating our favourite international cuisines, or drinking delicious herbal teas from non-Australian plant species such as yerba, rooibos, mint, licorice, echinacea, ginger or chamomile. We might not consider that nature provides a beautiful native garden, right here in Australia. Indigenous Australians have been lovingly tending, harvesting, preparing and enjoying local native bushfoods here for centuries, and to this day. Not only are Australian native bushfoods a point of spiritual connection and cultural importance for Indigenous Australians, they are also incredibly nutritious. It's wonderful to see these traditional foods becoming more widely appreciated in the mainstream, when the respect and value is returned to Indigenous businesses.

    Within a western science framework, we are only just discovering the special properties of our local plants! Although it shouldn't be surprising, given the uniqueness of our Australian island flora and fauna. Studies are showing that Australian native superfoods such as Kakadu plum, quandong, fingerlime, bush tomato and lemon myrtle contain an impressive range of plant nutrients. These include powerful antioxidants, water and lipid soluble vitamins such as vitamins C and E, essential minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium, anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils, fibre, and protein. Kakadu plum and quandong are exceptionally rich sources of phenolic antioxidant compounds which far exceed those found in blueberries! Much of the research is concluding that we should incorporate Australian native bushfoods into our daily diet, for better health.

    Aside from being nutrient powerhouses, many Australian native bushfoods are truly unique and they offer a plethora of exciting new flavours and rich aromas. The native tea drinking experience is truly immersive and delightful for the senses - it's definitely worth exploring!

  • Environmental and Cultural Sustainability

    Native bushfoods are a great choice for sustainable living because they use fewer resources than many other farming crops. Native plants are perfectly adapted to the climate and soils of the Australian region where they grow, reducing the need for additional water, fertilisers, and pesticides. READ MORE 

    Local foods not only travel fewer kilometres to reach us, but they also have a lower environmental impact due to the reduced energy and resources used for packaging, storage, and transport. Many Australian native bushfoods are wild-harvested and cultivated by local Indigenous families. So incorporating more local provenance foods into our diets is a great way to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the economic and cultural wellbeing of Indigenous communities!

    You can feel good about drinking Ilan Style tea knowing that you're supporting your own health and helping the environment - while sustaining Australian Indigenous communities on Country.

Our curated Australian Ingredients

  • Ilan Gratitude - Tropical Breakfast

    Rather than starting the day with a stressful mind and running on adrenaline, we prefer the idea of kicking off with a gentle smile, knowing we have infused our bodies with superfood nutrition and our soul with positive intention.

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  • Ilan Purpose - Moringa Lemon

    We reimagined what a lemon-ginger brew might look like for Ilan Style and came up with a zesty and earthy concoction, then we added extra ingredients to support immune health and wellbeing, so you can confidently and purposefully approach each day.

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  • Ilan Kindness - Rosella Berry

    Everyone needs kind friends, and the same is true for antioxidants - they work well together and can help to rejuvenate each other. It is especially useful to include both water-loving and lipid-loving antioxidants in our diet, to protect our body cells and their cell membranes from free radical damage.
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  • Ilan Presence - Native Mint

    What kind of tea would remind us of serene tropical ocean breezes, or relaxing on a hammock under trees by the azure coloured water, or lazing around contentedly with a full belly after a delicious tropical meal with friends? Ahhh. transport me to Mer Island paradise, where you can hear the sound of the Great Barrier Reef. That was our design thinking for Ilan Presence.

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  • Ilan Wonder - Cacoa Licorice

    Ever looked up at the night sky on a clear night and felt a sense of humility and wonder? Or listened to the sounds of nature on a still night and felt connected to earth's story? We think this magical experience is complemented beautifully with a steaming cup of herbal tea to help you reconnect and sleep sound.

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